The 12 Promises
We are Going to Know a New Freedom And a New Happiness - (John Featherston) 27Sep08

We Will Not Regret The Past Nor Wish to Shut The Door On It - (John Featherston) 4Oct08

We Will Comprehend The Word Serenity - (John Featherston) 11Oct08

We Will Know Peace - (John Featherston) 18Oct08

Run For Cover - (Monty Tuttle) 25Oct08

No Matter How Far Down The Scale We Have Gone - (John Featherston) 1Nov08

That Feeling of Uselessness & Self-Pity Will Disappear - (John Featherston) 8Nov08

We Will Lose Interest In Selfish Things - (John Featherston) 15Nov08

Self-Seeking Will Slip Away - (John Featherston) 22Nov08

Our Whole Attitude & Outlook Will Change - (John Featherston) 29Nov08

Fear Of People And Economic Insecurity Will Leave Us - (John Featherston) 6Dec08

We Will Intuitively Know How To Handle Situations … - (John Featherston) 13Dec08

The Rest Of The Story - (John Featherston) 20Dec08

A New Year, A Fresh Start - (John Featherston) 27Dec08

God Is Doing For Us What We Could Not Do Ourselves - (John Featherston) 3Jan09