Summer Of Solutions
Let God!!: (John Featherston) 30May15
STOP!!: (John Featherston) 6Jun15
How God Heals Our Hurts …: (John Featherston) 13Jun15
How Do I Get There From Here?!: (John Featherston) 20Jun15
Walking Through The Valley: (John Featherston) 27Jun15
Let God Grow His Crop!: (John Featherston) 4Jul15
“God Told Me …”: (John Featherston) 11Jul15
Four-of-a-Kind Beats a Full House: (Laurie Lanier) 18Jul15
God, Is That You I’m Hearing?!: (John Featherston) 25Jul15
How God’s Guidance Works: (John Featherston) 1Aug15
“We Absolutely Insist On Enjoying Life!!”: (John Featherston) 8Aug15
“Finding Light In The Darkness …”: (John Featherston) 15Aug15
Happiness Hangs In The Balance!!: (John Featherston) 22Aug15
“I Can’t Get No Satisfaction!”: (John Featherston) 29Aug15
The Gift That We Don’t Deserve: (John Featherston) 5Sep15
The Heart Doctor!: (John Featherston) 12Sep15
How To Recognize God’s Kids: (John Featherston) 19Sep15
Happiness Under Attack!!: (John Featherston) 26Sep15