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Messages Of Hope
The messages of hope from Serenity Church are available here after the service.
You are welcome to copy any message to your computer and share them with all.
Click on the message title to play.
To copy a message to your PC:

Right click the title

Click “Save Target As”

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Many of the past message series are also available here and you may access them by clicking on the appropriate link below: Older sermon series not available here may be requested through our
Contact Us link - just ask for the series you would like and provide us a way to contact you.
The Classics:
12 Steps (Jeff Scott): 3Jun06 - 26Aug06
12 Steps (J. Featherston); 2Sep06 - 9Dec06
Past Series:
How To Deal With How I Feel: 6Jan07-31Mar07
Power For The Powerless: 14Apr07-25Aug07
Amazing Grace - Step 7.5: 1Sep07-3Nov07
Higher Power Has A Name: 10Nov07-15Mar08
Improving Our Concious Contact: 5Apr08-12Jul08
40 Days Of Serenity: 12Jul08 -16Aug08
40 Days Of Gratitude: 23Apr08-20Sep08
The 12 Promises: 27Sep08-3Jan09
The Slogans Of Recovery: 10Jan09-11Apr09
Out Of The Darkness: 18Apr09-6Jun09
Filling The Empty Place!: 13Jun09-8Aug09
The Original Overcomer: 15Apr09-17Oct09
What Is God’s Will For Me?: 24Oct09-23Jan10
Don’t Worry - Be Happy: 30Jan10-3Apr10
Stressbusters: 10Apr10-15May10
Persistent Prayer: 22May10-26Jun10
Knowledge Of His Will For Us: 3Jul10-31Jul10
Handling Situations That Baffled: 7Aug10-18Dec10
New Freedom And New Happiness: 8Jan11-26Mar11
Overcomers: 2Apr11-27Aug11
12 Steps Revisited: 3Sep11-7Jan12
We Will Know Peace: 14Jan12-7Apr12
Changing From The Inside Out: 14Apr12-19May12
40 Days Of Power: 26May12-18Aug12
The Power That Restores Us: 25Aug12-9Feb13
Whole Attitude And Outlook: 16Feb13-27Jul13
Fearless And Thorough: 3Aug13-4Jan14
God As We Understood Him: 11Jan14-14Jun14
The Main Thing Is The Main Thing: 21Jun14-18Oct14
Experience, Strength & Hope: 25Oct14-23May15
Summer Of Solutions: 30May15-26Sep15
Living On Purpose: 3Oct15-28Nov15
Plug Into The Power: 5Dec15-16Jan16
The Fellowship Of The Spirit: 23Jan16-16Apr16
10 Years Of 12 Steps: 23Apr16-23Jul16
Finding Hope In Our Storms: 30Jul16-26Nov16
Wisdom To Know  The Difference: 3Dec16-25Feb17
Complete Abandon: 4Mar17-17Jun17
Just Do It: 24Jun17-21Oct17
Broken Chains: 28Oct17-13Jan18
What? Me Worry?!
“It Works – It Really Does” : (John Featherston) 1/20/18
“They Overcame … “ : (John Featherston) 1/27/18
Take Them, They’re Free: (John Featherston) 2/3/18
The Love That Covers It All: (John Featherston) 2/10/18
Twin Solutions for the “Worry Problem):
                                        (John Featherston) 2/17/18
Worried That We Don’t Matter - Part 1 :
                                        (John Featherston) 2/24/17
Worried That We Don’t Matter - Part 2:
                                        (John Featherston) 3/3/18
Don’t Worry, Be Happy: (Che Hightower) 3/10/18
Burn the Ships: (Lauri Lanier) 3/17/18
Secret Service: (Stephen Romo) 3/24/18
The Napkin Is Still Folded: (John Featherston) 3/31/18 (Easter)
Antidote to Worry: Be Like Him!: (John Featherston) 4/7/18
The Message: “All Is Well”: (John Featherston) 4/14/18
“What We Could Not Do For Ourselves …”:
                                        (John Featherston) 4/21/18
We Are a “Miracle of Healing”: (John Featherston) 4/28/18
His Love Leaves Us No Choice: (John Featherston) 5/5/18
Uselessness and Self-Pity Disappear:
                                        (John Featherston) 5/12/18
Trust In The Lord: (Lauri Lanier) 5/19/18