Taking Out The Garbage

Step Four Panel: (Lauri Lanier) 4/6/19
Gathering Up the Garbage!: (John Featherston) 4/13/19
Hello! My Name is Jesus!: (Che Hightower) 4/20/19
“We Have Been Spiritually Sick”: (John Featherston) 4/27/19
Step 5: “We Admitted to…”: (Laurie Gorrell) 5/4/19
Coming Clean!: (John Featherston) 5/11/19
Therefore Confess: (Che Hightower) 5/18/19
Wisdom From Rusty License Plates:(John Featherston) 5/25/19
We Are Already At The Top: (Ryan Hurt) 6/1/19
The Original Sereniversary: (John Featherston) 6/8/19
(Sereniversary #13)
Taking Out The Trash: (Lauri Lanier) 6/15/19
Defects?: (Che Hightower) 6/22/19
“Entirely Ready …”: (John Featherston) 6/29/19
Faith-Rest Life: (Laurie Gorrell) 7/6/19
“Removed”: (John Featherston) 7/13/19
Ask Humbly: (Che Hightower) 7/20/19
The Meal That Heals!: (John Featherston) 7/27/19