This Week's Message Of Hope

Welcome Home!

Serenity Church is a place where broken and hurting people find healing. If you are suffering from hurts beyond your control, or if life has become unmanageable and you do not know your next move …

… Serenity Church is waiting for you

About Our

12 Step Recovery Program Based On The Scriptures


unWorthy but Welcome: A Guide for Starting Overcomers and Serenity Church, compiled by Linda Widhalm, is a companion volume to Never Alone Again by Pastor John Featherston and contains heart- and mind-changing testimonies from Serenity Church. This Guide provides information on how we conduct Overcomers (a 12 Step meeting for anyone who has something hurting them that they can't wish or will away) and Serenity Church. Included are topic intros to be used in Overcomers and Communion Meditations to be used in Serenity Church.